How Metta Meditation Transformed my life, and how it could change yours.

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In dire times like these, who or where do you turn to find peace and solace?

For me, it's meditation. I've been practicing meditation "on and off" since I was 21 years young. I am probably what you could call a yo-yo meditator. There have been periods in my life when my practice is daily and others when I fall flat. It's only when I start feeling like crappity-crap that I return to my practice. Just like the prodigal son, I seeking refuge in the arms of my daily meditation. It takes 7 days of continuous practice to start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 

One of the key reasons I've been in a meditation yo-yo diet was partly because I didn't practice the correct type of meditation. I've tried Vipassana- I found it a little dry, the body scanning technique was grueling even for me. Tantra Visualization - too intense in the visualization aspect, Transcendental - too hard to follow through it... you name it. They all have taught me something, but for some reason, none of them stuck to me.  

It was 3 years ago that I swiped right on my mediation better half. I found it when I was reading the incredible book Real Love by Sharon Salzberg (a must-read!) she talks about Metta meditation also called Loving-Kindness meditation, I went on to learn a bit more, practiced (still do) and started to experience the world through truly kinder eyes. In Metta or Loving-kindness I found the perfect balance of guided meditation, gentle visualization, and silence. 

The simple practice of directing well-wishes towards other people and myself gave me the tools to take a conscious step back and experience the world around me, my interactions with strangers and even with myself in a more meaningful way. 

So here's how the meditation works - I hope you try it!

It starts with these 3 key phrases:

May I be healthy and strong. May I be happy. May I be filled with ease. 

Loving-kindness meditation is a simple repetition of these phrases but directing them at different people. 

  1. Start with directing the phrases towards yourself: May I be happy.
  2. Next, direct the Metta towards someone you feel thankful for or someone who has helped you. 
  3. Now visualize someone you feel neutral about—people you neither like nor dislike. This one can be harder than you’d think: It makes me realize how quick we can be to judge or categorize people in our lives as either positive or negative.
  4. Ironically, the next one can be easier: visualizing the people you don't like or who you are having a hard time with. 
  5. Finally, direct the Metta universally towards everyone: "May all beings everywhere be happy."

 I highly recommend downloading the Insight Timer App not only will you find thousands of amazing meditations and courses, but you can listen to my favorite Metta guided meditation by Sharon Salzberg

This will be the best 15 minutes of your day! I recommend you try it for at least 7 days in a row. You will observe the subtle yet magical changes unfold in your life. 

I'd love to hear from you and your experience, you can e-mail me at

Lots of love